Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Yaddnet helps me with MF DSC configuration

I fitted an active watch antenna for my M801e SSB radio (thanks to Bob at sailcom for supplying this. As Bob suggested I wired the power supply for the active antenna off the power supply to the ATU. So now to test it! From NE England Lyngby radio in Denmark is accessible and automatically replies to DSC test message on MF (2187.5kHz). HM coastguard does not reply automatically, they have to notice the message and have not be too busy to click on it. It is not clear if the different MMSI numbers for CG stations are really any different, or if they are really all centralised. At first I was getting no reply so I checked on YadNet. This first showed up I had got a digit wrong in the MMSI. When I got it right I was being heard by Yadd monitoring stations (amateur radio monitoring experts) from Shetland to The next morning I got an ACK from Humber CG.