Friday, 22 May 2015

Finally launched

Tui was launched in Hull Marina yesterday.  The engine started straight away after I bled the fuel system. Once launched I checked the seacocks and the stern gland and there were no leaks. The cooling water was happily coming out of the exhaust and I set off.  Before I got far the engine overheated, and the cooling water was not coming out any more. Barry, who is in charge of the boatyard operations towed me to the harbour wall in his launch. I checked the impeller and it was fine. I couldn't see anything wrong. Barry in the launch and Richard in a Rib towed me round to the berth. Eventually I worked it out. One of the hose clips on the suction side of the sea water circuit was loose. This means the pump was sucking in air and couldn't self prime. That tightened up it worked fine. One more fault I now know how to diagnose!

I just signed up to a new nice simple boat tracking site I saw on SV Delos's web site Here is  Tui

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you back in the water again.
    Hull is where we set off from five years ago so say hello to the Hull Crowd and all at Kildale from us aboard Cygnus III.
    If you let them know our son Aiden is now 2nd mate on a 75ft boat sailing in the Baltic this year before crossing to the Caribbean.
    Enjoy Hull, it is not a bad marina at all although one of the biggest challanges is getting out the Humber.
    Fair winds my friend
    Mark and Angelina