Saturday, 1 July 2017


Our Simpson Lawrence  Horizon 1500 anchor windlass has been a pain since I got Tui. It has an annoying habit of letting the anchor go when its part way up. I had it serviced before leaving Conwy but that seemed to make it worse.  Richard at Kildale Marine in Hull was tremendously helpful. I thought I would need a new one. "No" he said "Built like s brick shit house. You should just fix it". He and Chris looked up an original manual and explained the exploded diagram. First they explained some twit had greased the conical clutch...and how to degrease it. I tested it with a bucket of water on the anchor chain as a load as Chris suggested. It slipped still so they explained how to get the ratchet palls. These were stuck I just needed to free them and oil them lightly. Works fine now.

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