Saturday, 17 January 2015

Replacing the prop anode

Tui has a Maxprop folding three bladed propeller with an anode on the hub as well as on the shaft to corrode before the propeller does.  The holes tend to corrode first  then the anode can fall off. To discourage that I painted the holes on the new one, hopefully it stays on longer.

This is the prop at Dinas boatyard both anodes corroded.
This is what one looks like with the anode fitted from the PY website (they make max props)

Photos by Katie Lionheart of me diving in Taarbaek to fit a new anode.  It is not exactly Cousteau!

I found it quite hard to work with both hands while staying in the same place, also not dropping the four screws.  I found a youtube video of a diver doing the same job, except he starts with the anode and the screws removed and only carries one screw at a time. 

Here it is underwater. No anode.

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